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What's Happening To The British Royal Family?

Are you still swooning over Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding? I'm not, I'm ready to throw in the towel as far as the royal family is concerned.

Anyone who has a negative opinion about Meghan is being portrayed in the media as envious or hum bugs. Well, that's all fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but those that don't enjoy what they see coming out of the royal family, are being labelled envious when envy has nothing to do with it.

When the Duchess of York first married Prince Andrew, everyone thought she was the best thing that happened to the royal family. We all know what happened to the Duke and Duchess of York when they finally divorced. She was cast aside like yesterday's news. The royal family ostracised an innocent person like Sarah and left her to fend for herself in a sea full of people ready to pounce on her for fame and publicity. Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie had to live with the results of HM's decisions.

Did HM give a second thought to the scars that Princess Eugenie and Beatrice would endure because of all the negative press surrounding their mother after their divorce? I don't see any signs that she had support from anyone at the palace other than Prince Andrew and her children. When you think of how many charities the royal family, as a whole, support, the fact that they shunned the Duchess of York to the extent they did, was not very charitable.

Now they found all this courage to break with royal traditions for Meghan. How sad and unfair this must feel for Princess Beatrice and Eugenie. How sad and unfair for Princess Diana who was humiliated by her husband and then ditched like the Duchess of York.

I'm personally disgusted with the royal family right now because they no longer represent many values. Divorce is wrong when children are involved unless there's physical abuse. It's selfish and only serves those who can't stand to be in a room with each other anymore. To portray Prince Charles wife, I will never utter her name, as this wonderful person who is going to be the next Queen, is troublesome. She will not be my Queen because she new from the beginning what her actions meant and should've distanced herself from Prince Charles at all costs. Two young boys were hugely affected by her selfish behaviour and those scars still exist within them today.

The Divorce Club

Americans prefer their guns over the safety of their children and now the royal family is saying that it's okay to marry and get divorced, that it's okay to ignore your family because it's commonplace and accepted as normal these days. How are children supposed to cope with life when the message is that they don't matter? Those who bear the responsibility of setting a good example are themselves following the crowd instead of setting the standards for future generations of admirers. Hey, Kensington Palace, just because everyone is on that bandwagon doesn't make it okay. Children should come first!

My views have nothing to do with Meghan's biracial background. It has to do with the fact that her siblings were hurt and angry and Ms. Markle did nothing. Mr. Markle, her own father, was left to fend for himself in unfamiliar territory. Her mother had security detail, but not her father. Let's not forget the blackout of Meghan's family at the wedding too. It was very disturbing. What message did that send to our youth? That family is disposable and don't matter.

I don't agree with the way her half siblings capitalized on their sisters fame, but I blame Meghan for the ensuing fiasco that took place. Families disagree all the time and don't always get along. The family example that was set with the wedding was what divorce looks like at it's ugliest. What we saw was lack of understanding, lack of tolerance, and just plain mean spirited silence from Meghan. She had no problem shutting her family out as could be witnessed by her mother sitting, alone, at the church service. We have to ask ourselves what kind of person does this?

Society has lost it's moral compass and the royal family are following along.

My hope rests with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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