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Welcome Back Summer

Updated: Jun 3

Nothing is more soothing than waking up to the sound of a roaring river while the hot sun beams down on you. The water is cold from snow on the mountain peaks melting into the river, swelling it to a roaring thunder as it makes it’s way to the Fraser River. It’s temperature is a stark contrast to the 32 degree heat the sun is showering all around us.

The rivers are so full that even this crane isn’t concerned about being approached knowing we can’t use the paths that the river has now taken ownership of. It’s an awe inspiring sight, even from afar.

People are fired up too, thoroughly enjoying the heat and cold contrast of the river. Haven’t seen many rafters so far, but have seen a lot of Vancouverites enjoying the gift of nature all around us. It’s convenient that our COVID-19 zone is the same and they can travel here in their spare time.

Imagine being alone with a significant other, or a small group of friends, surrounded by a multitude of bird sounds, the river moving fast past you and the occasional feeling of a cool breeze blowing your way from the night before. Breakfast finger foods, juice, coffee and tea sit on the picnic table shaded by the old fir tree. It doesn’t get better than this…

It’s been too hot, 32 degrees yesterday, to cut the lawn so I let the goats out and they can take care of it for us. The only problem is that the plum tree is not going to produce any fruit this year because they’ll strip it bear of any leaves in no time. Oh well, there’s two other plum trees to pick from. I always secretly hope they’ll demolish the maple tree by the front door but they haven’t figured out how to reach the leaves on it yet. We love the shade it provides at the front door, the mess it creates not so much. They’re welcome to eat it all as far as I’m concerned.

What are your plans for a freer summer now that most have been vaccinated? Are you going to give yourself a break by surrounding yourself in nature or are you going to party? Remember to stay safe and follow the rules so we can all have a good summer.

My apologies for the quality of the video. On this new iPhone of mine, the camera won’t focus. Tried different suggestions offered on forums but nothing seems to be effective at fixing the problem. Waiting for the Apple store to open to get it fixed, but in the meantime you can enjoy the sound of the river and ignore the quality.

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