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Warm Blanket For The Soul

Updated: Jul 5

Nature is awe inspiring at any time, but summer months are dreamy, lazy days, where in lingering outdoors we wrap ourselves up in a blanket for the soul.

Spotted Owl: There are fewer than 6 individuals left in British Columbia, Canada; 1,200 pairs in Oregon, 560 pairs in Northern California, and 500 pairs in Washington. (Wikipedia)

This spotted owl siting is beyond a treat. It was like a choir was singing to my soul when he ended my entertainment the way he did as seen in the video above. He was looking for dinner and although I disrupted his plans, he graciously allowed me to get close enough to entertain me for over half an hour.

It was an amazing experience as we stared into each other’s eyes for lengthy periods of 3-5 minutes. When he discovered that I was not a threat, our staring made him sleepy as the picture above shows. I must say though that his profile is a bit odd. It reminded me of a horror movie character. See picture below.

Being glued to a TV or a game on a phone or PC, all this is what you’re missing. It’s an amazing feeling to have the privilege of witnessing an endangered owl thrive near by. Our souls need to be one with nature because I firmly believe that we are all connected by the same energy.

Humans can be such bullies to our natural surroundings. Let’s do better.

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