• Maria APG

The first-ever space helicopter is approaching Mars in the belly of NASA's rover.

This could change how we explore other planets. It is set to land on Mars February 18.

Perseverance will be NASA's fifth rover to Mars, but its miniature-helicopter stowaway — called Ingenuity — will be the first spacecraft of its kind.

Below is a link to NASA where you will find all the details about the mission.

If you’re anxious to see this landing take place as much as I am, here are a few more links to make your experience more enjoyable.

Watch an animation of Perseverance landing that NASA is hoping for:

See how NASA is going to utilize the first ever space helicopter, Ingenuity, at this link:

It’s been an amazing journey for humankind so far and it’s about to get better.

Seven days to go...

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