• Maria APG

Sense of Humour In The Afterlife?

The picture quality is bad, but that’s because every time I’ve tried to take a picture of what’s happening around me with repetitive numbers, the clock changes before I’m able to capture the picture. Like this one:

Also, a picture showing 1:11 that was successfully captured and viewed several times since, I can’t find it anywhere today. My feelings about this event are clear; that first set of numbers were a personal message. It wasn’t meant to be shared. It’s what got my attention to begin with because it happened when my car battery died and the clock should’ve read 12:00 after charging.

Anyway, I can’t ignore the events happening around me that are difficult to explain in earthly terms. This morning, around 7:30, I had to run to the store for cream. When I started the car the clock read 11:11. I laughed to myself because whoever is messing with my head, appears to have a sense of humour. The best part is that it’s becoming obvious that it may be a friend or my sister; both passed away less than five years ago.

I don’t know what to think anymore. The numbers, as previously mentioned, correlate with events happening around me. Their meaning is significant in that the message brought comfort and reassurance. That’s a good thing. The fact that it’s happening to me is good and bad. Bad because it‘s turning my belief system upside down. I want to believe...

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