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Sailing On The Sea Called Life

Updated: Apr 19

These days, I usually order household supplies ahead of time for curb side pickup. Our local grocer is ideally situated. They‘re near a park where we can easily watch at least a dozen nesting cranes. This means the wait time they put us through when picking up is tolerable because the view is so amazing.

While sailing on the sea called life, we get busy living and often forget to take time to appreciate the gift that nature generously offers up, for free, on a daily basis. Whether you’re a crane or a tulip, this time of year is about rebirth, about restoration. Two days ago it was cool. A light coat and wool hat was required for comfort while outdoors. Rivers were still mostly dry, allowing us to see where to focus our fishing efforts when the fishing season finally opens up.

Two days later and summer weather is upon us. A t-shirt and jeans with a light sweater for later is more than we need today. We went from 10-22 degrees celsius in the matter of days. Crazy weather’s April in BC?

This morning’s news report consisted of a segment about a sea lion found waddling along across a road, miles from the nearest waterway. The guest that was being interviewed assumes the sea lion is crossing over to a different waterway, using land as a shortcut. Unheard of before yesterday, but they’re going to keep monitoring the sea lion to make sure he/she remains okay. Here’s the link if you want to follow its journey https://Vancouver .

Our coast line is covered in sea lions this year. I don’t blame it for wanting more solitude. Like the rest of us, he/she is looking for change, he’s moving to less crowded waters. It will be interesting to see where this explorer ends her/his journey.

Sailing through the sea of life is such an adventure and surprise. This sea lion is not allowing the lack of water to be a deterrent. He’s trying in the most adverse conditions for a sea lion.

How about you? Are you tackling the unknowns of COVID-19 like this sea lion? It always seems impossible until you try. Give it your best shot, we’re almost at the end of our journey

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