• Maria APG

Ruby Is Crossing The Rainbow Bridge

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Our sweetheart, 19 years old, was a trouper. Hanging on as long as she could because of her love for us.

The last two days weren't easy for Ruby. She was not able to eat anything and anything she had in her system came out all over the house. She lost control of her back legs and could barely stand up, but still mustered enough energy to get up to follow me around, barely.

We adopted Ruby when she was 6. She loved to play, but her walks were her absolute favourite. As a matter of fact, we walked her two days ago and although she was slow, she was trying to be the perky, energetic fur ball we loved.

It's been a rough two days and the road ahead will feel empty without her. Ruby was, beyond any doubt, the sweetest, cuddliest, friendliest dog I've ever had the pleasure of taking care of. She was able to smell my scent and detect the area that was hurting me or in trouble, before I even went to the doctor to be diagnosed. She died in my arms, at 5:30 a.m., November 14, 2020 while looking into my eyes.

My heart aches and I miss her dearly. It hasn't been half a day since she crossed the rainbow bridge and I feel lost without her already. Ruby will forever hold a piece of my heart...she was a gift from heaven where she is now.

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