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Repeating Numbers, What Do They Mean?

Are you seeing sets of the same number everywhere you look? Numbers like 111, 333, 444, 555 are appearing around you on clocks, licence plates and phone numbers. Are you wondering what they mean?

It all began for me a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t stopped since then. The first incident happened when I woke up one day and the clock read 4:44. No big deal, right? I thought so too, although the number sequence did get my attention, especially in my soul, the numbers moved me for some reason.

Later in the day, I left the lights on and the car battery died. When this happens, the clock in the car always reverts to 12:00 after the battery is charged, but that’s not what the clock read when I turned the car back on. The display showed 1:11.

After running errands, going to doctor appointments and washing the car, I was finally ready to return home. I start the car, buckled up and adjusted the rear view mirror when I see that the clock read 5:55.

Full stop...I’m frozen in disbelief at the repetition of numbers happening around me. The sensation that something unusual was taking place and that I needed to understand what it was, overwhelmingly took a hold of me. Had to do a search to find out what it all meant, if anything.

Mean something, all these numbers surely do. They all correlate with events unfolding around me in a very significant way. They are answers that can be applied to questions I’ve been asking myself this coincidence for real though?

I don’t much as I want to believe in “angels guiding me”, the logical side of my brain is unsure. What I am sure of is that these number sequences certainly got my attention.

Fast forward a week and the numbers are showing up again. When I woke up and did what I always do, looked at the clock, it read 1:11. The clock was plugged in, there had been no power outage. I sat on the side of the bed, put my robe on and slipped my feet into the slippers before me Then I looked at the clock read 4:44!

What can I say to that? Someone is most definitely sending me a message and they want me to be clear that these number sequences are not a coincidence. Check, I now get the picture.

How can a clock read 1:11 and seconds later read 4:44 without it being touched, adjusted or unplugged? By the way, the correct time, according to my phone and the same clock minutes after these numbers showed up, was 5:32am! Explain this to yourself, if you can, and by all means explain it to me as well while you’re at it.

This morning I woke up at 3:33! Coincidence?

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