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It May Be a Black and White Kind Of Day...Or Not

Updated: Mar 2

Fraser River

As a former Torontonian now living in beautiful, mild British Columbia, it feels amazing to be able to go for a hike, most winter days, without having to bundle up, especially on a black and white day like today when even the colour of the water looks grey.

Days like this are inspiring for multiple reasons. The one that comes to mind first is that fewer people venture outdoors so wildlife sightings are more abundant. It’s easy to get lost in thought watching an eagle‘s adventures or the blue heron standing in the middle of the road. As we move forward and approach their comfort zone, they spread their majestic wings and fly away, giving us an awe inspiring moment for the soul.

Progressing along the hike we come to a path covered in bright green mosses. Nature's carpet, one of Ruby's favourite walks, never fails to amaze. The path and fields are sprinkled with evergreen and bare trees who shed their leaves long ago. In the distance we spot a couple of deer, looking up at us wondering what we're going to do. We stop and stare back at them, but they eventually skip away and hide where they can't be seen easily. Occasionally the cracking of a branch as they move along or a few rabbits scattering about to avoid them, indicates the general area they're grazing at.

After a few minutes, we arrive at the river. The view of the mountains, partially draped with fluffy clouds that appear to sway as the wind picks up, takes your breath away. It takes a while for our brain to absorb all that beauty; we're frozen in place absorbing the magnitude of the view while listening to the sound of the river flowing by.

There's movement in the distance so we continue the hike along the river to see what it might be. Birds are chirping all around us, putting on a sky show of sweeping moves, dozens of them, in unison, as if performing a well choreographed dance. The path below our feet is home to small ducks fluttering around the potholes filled by last nights rainfall. They're the cutest little things. It's especially cute when they dunk their heads in the water and all you see is their behinds.

Here we are now, by the narrow part of the river, nearing the movement we saw way back. It turns out to be a fisherman by the side of the river, up to his knees in water, fly fishing away. "Have you caught anything", I asked. He raises his catch to show me and lets them fall back in the water. We're the only two people standing in this vastness of nature.

The hike is coming to an end as we near the road at the end of the path. Not once, in the two hours we were outdoors on this black and white day, did we think of how gloomy it appears. We were blessed with a few rays of sun as the heron crossed our path, but otherwise didn't care that it was hidden.

There's beauty in everything and everyone. You just have to open your heart to it or them.

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