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HRH Prince Charles

Have you been paying attention to what Prince Charles has been up to recently?

You all know that I like Prince Charles, this is not news. What you also know at length, is the moral conflict I go through when I think of how Princess Diana was treated. His subsequent marriage to the woman at the root of Diana’s heartache is difficult to look past. I struggle with this aspect of Prince Charles‘ life, a great deal.

HRH has many ideals that align with mine though; for example the environment, wildlife, and his views about gardening to name a few. It would be fascinating for me to have a conversation with HRH on these topics alone.

I'm thrilled with his latest venture into the world of sustainable fashion. My mother taught me the value of a quality, well made garment so I’ve whole heartedly lived the philosophy behind his products my entire life; use good fabrics and produce a well made garment. This is by far more environmentally responsible than buying their cheaper by the dozen versions because with a few alterations here and there, well made garments can be worn for decades.

What Prince Charles is doing, in a risky, but courageous way for him personally, is setting a good example for the generations to come on how to shop sustainably, sending a message to the mass producers of disposable fashion, and hopefully making some of us more aware of the waste that is unnecessarily produced when we discard things so quickly.

In a world that is starting to fall apart at the seems from excess, this is a good direction for this future King to take. After all, Prince Charles has been at the forefront of many causes to do with our environment and deserves credit for his relentless advocacy throughout his life time.

I would like to thank him for his courage and perseverance along the year, even as media outlets ridiculed him. Thank you very much Your Royal Highness. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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