• Maria APG

How Do You Destress?

Updated: Mar 15

Sweet Kayla, the answer to your question is simple for a change. Destressing for me involves making something with my hands. Today that took the form of making doll clothes for a special young friends’ dolls.

As you can see, the dress for this doll is not finished yet. Had to stop for today because I ran out of certain supplies so I can make panties to go underneath her dress. I may make her a pair of shoes as well, but I’m not sure yet if I will because she loses them all.

The other stress release for me is to cook or bake something special. Baking is my favourite option, especially if it requires a lot of prepping and decorating afterwards.

In your case, because you are so good at painting and drawing, I would recommend you do that. Try a technique you haven’t used before to keep your mind occupied. I’m artistically impaired when it comes to this so I don’t have any suggestions. Look up techniques on YouTube for ideas and try them out.

A long, scent infused bath is also a good option. Pamper yourself afterwards with a facial, manicure or whatever you want to. Then make the effort to dress as good as you can and your spirits will soar.

Hope this helps.

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