• Maria APG

Here We Go Again

Why does anyone care what this couple is doing in light of the fact that they want their privacy?

Here’s an article from People, where Gayle King is selling the interview Oprah recorded with these two characters, Seriously, like who cares what they have to say? I for one am not going to waste my time giving these two the time of day on the terms they want to live by.

Then there's the James Corden (sic?) interview with Harry where he says that they didn't "walk away from their families", that he was trying to protect his family. Seriously? This is the best he could come up with? What is he saying about the rest of his family? That they're not able to protect their families while serving the public via the royal family umbrella?

Oh my goodness, I wish they'd just grow up already. I'm tired of all the nonsense articles they generate while claiming to be fighting for their privacy. It's not privacy they want. It's to be portrayed on the terms they find suitable. If they don't like to hear what people think of them, that's too bad. We are all entitled to our own opinions, much like they are.

They're just a couple of spoiled brats, used to getting their way, and when they don't get what they want, they stomp and storm off. God forbid they open their minds up to the possibility that we simply don't care what causes they support or what their misguided view of the world is. In my humble opinion, this couple doesn't know their feet from their head, to twist the original saying around for censorship purposes.

Please stop asking me to fill you in on this insanity. It doesn't represent anything I stand for so why should I waste my time on these two. I stopped reading anything about them the day they left the UK, because they claimed they left to restore their privacy...I'm giving them exactly what they asked for and you should too.

Come on already, enough of this senseless topic. People are dying all over the world so this topic shouldn't even have a place on your reading list. Shut them out, give them all the privacy they want. Give them what they asked for!

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