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Am I Being Hypocritical About The British Royal Family?

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Since my last post about why I will no longer post articles or pictures of certain members of the british royal family, I've been inundated with remarks and questions about my views. There's no single answer I can offer any of you. My views are complicated as is the position the royal family find themselves in on a daily basis.

My issues with the royal family came to a head when I saw the Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day. The royal family, in particular The Queen and Prince Charles who will be our next King, represent the Church of England. Youth who admire the royal family look to them as a guide on how to behave. They have a responsibility to behave the best way possible in light of the two points listed in this paragraph.

They're human and fallible, just like the rest of us, but when you are such a public figure representing the Church of England, you have the responsibility to, at the very least, portray an image that represents the values of this faith. The Washington Post said it better than I ever could, "there are still traditionalists in the Church of England who believe that “marriage means forever,” full stop. ". I wouldn't call myself a traditionalist, but I believe marriage is forever when children are involved provided the children and mother are in no physical danger.

The hypocrisy of the wedding is where it all began for me when the Duchess of Sussex arrived to a church, in that dress. It brought about an uncomfortable feeling that was unfamiliar to me. The more I thought about why I felt that way, the angrier I became over the lack of respect for the Church of England it represented. In my opinion, the dress was inappropriate because she's been married before and it was disrespectful to the church and the Queen, whose family she was marrying into. Sure, your point that Prince Harry hasn't is valid, but I doubt he specifically requested she wear that dress. The whole ceremony came across to me as a show, intended to make a point and not a wedding in it's true meaning.

Being a modern couple shouldn't equal abandonment of family values. Being a modern couple should instead focus on the very values we are trying to throw away because 'of the need to adapt' to societal norms. So, if society is lost, we should all follow? Utter nonsense excuse for allowing this wedding to take place, as it did, in the Church of England, and I am not a follower of any form of organized faith. For those that do have a faith they believe in, the confusion must run much deeper.

I'm not saying Prince Harry should not have married Meghan. I just wish they had done so differently and waited longer. It's obvious that Prince Harry is hopelessly in love with his wife and although she portrays the look of feeling the same way, my instincts tell me her level of love for Harry doesn't compare to his love for her. The fantasy that comes with being married to Prince Harry won't last forever though. The Duchess of Sussex says she doesn't read negative or positive press reports, but palace staff do and she will be made aware of what's happening around her. At some point, the fantasy bubble she finds herself in now will turn into a new reality. Then what?

What made no sense at all was her stoic, chic, classy mom sitting all by herself. Not a soul available to support her on what was the most iconic day of her life. Prince Charles did what he had to do and stepped up to include her as much as he could. The question is though, why would the Duchess not invite at least a few family members to support her mother? Is she ashamed of her entire family? What does this say about her character when she is now in a position of having to deal with people from the same walk of life as those family members she shunned at her wedding day? Is she going to act her way through public engagements?

To answer your question about whether or not I'm being hypocritical, the answer is yes and no. Yes because I choose to display information on certain members of the royal family who are also divorced. In my mind, there's a big difference between how Prince Charles and his now wife treated his children's mother, Princess Diana, and how Prince Andrew or Princess Anne dealt with theirs. Now Prince Charles wants us to accept his wife as if none of this ever happened. Princess Diana could've been alive today had she had the support of her husband or had been able to work out an arrangement with him, privately, for the sake of the children. That never happened, his lover was waiting and he chose her over his family.

Lastly, I'm not being hypocritical because I walk the talk. I stand behind what I say and do all I humanly can to protect the young minds I encounter. Life is difficult enough for them outside the home and home is often not very appealing, someone has to speak for them.

It saddens me that I have to defend not being pro divorce in light of what's happening to our youth the world over.

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