• Maria APG

A New Day

March is two months away and I’m still thinking of last March. You know, the one that made the world stand still, where animals roamed free, and we stayed in our homes in an attempt to control COVID-19 and save lives.

A new year has begun. With it came some of its predecessor, 2020. We can’t even begin to imagine the magnitude of sorrow 2021 is trailing behind it. The numbers of lives lost in 2020 are staggering. We mourn when a plane falls and 300 lives are lost. How will we mourn when the reality of last year really sinks in?

Today, a new President of the United States is being sworn in; President Biden and Vice President Harris are the beginning of a new day for our neighbours south of the border. They will be tasked with an unbelievable number of crises to deal with. It’s reassuring, from a Canadian perspective, to see someone at the helm who knows how to sail the ship. Someone who has the unenviable position of having to deal with the devastation of the soul of his and her country, the people torn apart by the staggering loss of friends and family, and who has to deal with those citizens who ardently believed in a man who deceived them. It will be educational to see how Americans unite after so much drama.

Vice President Kamala Harris will hopefully provide the heart, fortitude, and perseverance to overcome and correct what has been lost.

Regardless of each individuals‘ political views, the core of the matter is that we’re all human beings who experience the same things. If we don’t enjoy sorrow or pain, why inflict it on anyone else?

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