• Maria APG

A Moment In Time

Counting on tomorrow is a sure way to be disappointed.

The direction our journey through life takes us on, is not entirely up to us. We may want to believe it is, but in fact, it is not. Life can change in an instant and when that happens, nothing you've lived through has prepared you for what rests before you today.

We've all heard the saying "life is full of ups and downs", but how many of us have taken the time to fully understand the magnitude of happiness and sorrow those ups and downs contain? They're life changing, moment defining, memories we carry with us for a lifetime, good or bad. A moment in time that pivots our life in a whole new direction, whether you want it to or not.

We, the people of this planet, come in many different shapes, sizes and temperaments. Some of us have no difficulty moving past whatever obstacles come our way. We fix the problem, learn from it, and vow not to make the same mistake again. We become cautious, more guarded, but eventually move on to better and brighter days.

Then there's the other group of people who feel paralysed by the obstacles in their way. It's difficult for this group to categorise what has happened, logically. They feel overwhelmed by circumstances and need help to recover. They become fearful, withdrawn or irritated, imprisoned by their own thoughts. It takes effort on their part to see a sliver of light.

In some relationships, the laws of our universe manages to pair strong willed people with those who need help. This in itself, is pretty amazing. But, what happens when the strong person needs help themselves? Who do they turn to? It's a strange place to be in for both scenarios.

Which person are you and what would you do if the strong person in your life is in need of help?

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